Requirements of Quality Management System

There are twenty requirements of ISO 9001:1994 quality system, which have to be implemented by the organization that wants the certification of their quality system, by an independent accredited registration body. These requirements are called as elements of quality system. These twenty elements are briefly described here. 1 Management responsibility To ensure the organization’s commitment[…]

Quality Objectives

Quality objectives are specific targets for which appropriate strategies must be developed. Along with quality policy, objectives convey the corporate intent to what the process should achieve. Key quality objectives of the organization are related to: Product quality: Organization should achieve, maintain and continuously improve the quality of its products in relationship to the requirements[…]

Quality Policy

A prerequisite to implement quality management is the clear delineation of the quality policy and quality objectives of the company. Until the company people know where the company is going with respect to quality levels of its products, no foundation is provided to build a quality programme. Quality policy is overall intentions and directions of[…]

Quality Management

Quality Management Introduction Quality cannot happen by itself, it is always the result of intelligent efforts, therefore, it has to be managed. After the customer needs are identified, products are designed and capable processes established to produce and deliver the designed products; the next step is to manage the network of processes to ensure that[…]