Quality Objectives

Quality objectives are specific targets for which appropriate strategies must be developed. Along with quality policy, objectives convey the corporate intent to what the process should achieve. Key quality objectives of the organization are related to:

Product quality: Organization should achieve, maintain and continuously improve the quality of its products in relationship to the requirements of quality.

The objectives should be defined and documented pertaining to key elements of quality such as fitness for use, performance, safety and reliability.

Operation’s quality: Organization should improve the quality of its operations to meet the customers’ and other stakeholders’ stated and implied needs.

To attain and maintain desired economic performance, costs associated with all quality elements should be calculated, evaluated and controlled with the objective of minimizing the quality losses. Quality objectives should address continuous improvement of processes.

External customers’ confidence: An organization should provide confidence to customers and other stakeholders that requirements for quality are being or will be achieved in all delivered products.

Quality objective should address customer satisfaction consistent with applicable standards and proper business ethics.

Internal customers’ confidence: Organization should provide confidence to its internal management and employees that quality requirements of processes, products and people are being fulfilled, maintained and continuously improved to remain competitive in industry.