Quality Policy

A prerequisite to implement quality management is the clear delineation of the quality policy and quality objectives of the company. Until the company people know where the company is going with respect to quality levels of its products, no foundation is provided to build a quality programme.

Quality policy is overall intentions and directions of an organization related to quality as formally expressed by the top management.

The management of an organization should define and document a quality policy. The policy should be consistent with other corporate policies within the organization.

A quality policy statement duly signed by top management puts in place the major road signs leading to Total Quality Management. The route itself would be mapped out specifically by each function, in terms appropriate to its products, customers, markets and business solutions. It will lead to ensure that “ quality becomes everyone’s job and every quality related activity is performed right the first time every time”.

The responsibility for and commitment to a quality policy belongs to the highest level of management. The management should take all necessary measures to ensure that quality policy is understood and implemented at all levels of organization.